We share the same goals

“The collaboration with Tradeco has been key to our entry and development of our business in China. The team’s experience, their deep knowledge of the market, legislation and good relationships with distribution channels have been very helpful over the years. Surely it would have been very difficult to arrive where we are today without their support.”

Jesús García, Export Director

“We are very pleased with our decision of choosing Tradeco as our partner in China. Tradeco offers the best combination between the way we do business in Europe and the ability to adapt to the idiosyncrasies of doing business in China. We do not see our business in China without your advice, expertise, experience and work.”

José Miguel Cañada, Export Director

“We consider TRADECO not only a trading partner, but as part of our company. They are our eyes and ears in the Chinese market, where it is not enough with a visit a year or just communications via the Internet. You must be physically present in such culturally different and as changeable as the Chinese market. Thanks to TRADECO, we can have such presence”.

Manuel Nicolás, Export Director

“Tradeco means to Acesur the guarantee to decipher the complex commercial puzzles that a market like China implies.”

Miguel Colmenero, Export Director

“Tradeco is not only our trusted partner present in China, but also the extension of our commercial strategy in the Asian giant.”

Daniel Valdivieso, Export Director

“Tradeco for Carmencita is a partner that has been concerned with understanding the commercial strategy of our brand and that works every day to find commercial partners in China that are aligned with this strategy.”

Juanjo Morón, Export Director of Carmencita.

“Tradeco’s added value, which transcends the figure of an agent, justifies the investment. Personally, their experience and commitment give me the confidence I need in such a particular market”.

Jesús Miranda. Export Manager  of Calvo.

“We have been working with Tradeco since 2012. Before we met them we were working with other Chinese companies and with a lot of problems. Now we have gone from 4 containers a year to 30”.

Harriet Arruabarrena. Arruabarrena

“Sales options have opened up for us that were not initially feasible”.

Carlos Pardo Export Manager, Interal.

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