After more than 10 years selling table olives in China and several years sharing experiences in different food fairs, we decided that Tradeco would become Agrosevilla’s Sales Office in China. Our goal will be to help current importers to increase their purchases, understand how and improve the rotation of our products in the selected points of sale and, of course, find new importers in those channels that are not working right now.

Agrosevilla was founded in 1977 as a cooperative society. It is the largest producer and exporter of table olives in the world and one of the main exporters of olive oil in Spain.

Incorporated as a cooperative of olive cooperatives, Agrosevilla controls every stage of production for its olives: from tending the olive trees and harvesting the olives to manufacture, distribute and commercialize the final product, thus ensuring rigorous traceability and enhanced quality control during every stage of the value chain, from source to final destination.