Educate local consumers in such a unique product was undoubtedly the greatest challenge during the introduction of Ines Rosales in China.

After a first commercial trip to several cities of the country, we quickly realized that given the product’s quality, many importers reacted positively and decided to go for distribution completing several orders.

Today we have several importers across the country and we have opened new business in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Given these results, our goal is that China will become one of the main markets of the company.

“Tradeco is our Chinese partner, helping us to build bridges and tear down walls that had previously been insurmountable.”

Marta Torres
Export Director

Inés Rosales manufactures and sells bakery and confectionery products deeply attached with the Andalusian culture. Their fundamental constant in the way of making them, is the use of Virgin Olive Oil of Superior Quality in its formulation and the artisan way of manufacture.