At the end of 2020 we have held a meeting with the main importer of Carmencita to analyze the annual commercial results. It was a tripartite meeting partially by videoconference, with the assistants of the importer and Tradeco at the importer’s facilities in China and those of Carmencita in Spain.

The meeting discussed the 2020 business results, the activities carried out and the business strategy together. A problem that has arisen in the retail channel this year was also discussed to find a suitable solution.

Carmencita and Tradeco informed the importers of a new product that is now being developed and their opinion was contrasted.

Carmencita presented her new strategy and the new project that she will launch next year. We will look for suitable materials to use in the Chinese market, such as decorating the Tmall flagship store or enriching the special offline display.

His CEO, Michael, and his marketing team participated on the part of the importer. On behalf of Carmencita, its Export Director, Juan José Morón, and its Export Area Manager, Dan Losada, and on the part of Tradeco, Coco and Molly participated.