Prestige de Bourgogne (PDB) has been very active during the CIIE (China International Import Expo) fair.

Among other activities, a signing ceremony of a strategic collaboration agreement between PDB (Cacao de Bourgone – Lacasa Group) and a large importer has taken place. It is an importer of well-known brands such as Ferrero Rocher, Kinder, Illy, Perrier, TimTam, Lu, Jibabee, Taylors, Kjeldsens, and St. Michael.

blankThis agreement means that Prestige de Bourgogne will be one of the top development brands for the importer over the next year.

Prestige de Bourgogne (PDB), the brand of the French company Cacao de Bourgogne, belongs to the Lacasa Group since 2018.

During the Prestige de Bourgogne fair, it has also held meetings with a large number of interested importers and distributors, both for private labels and private labels, and has arranged special displays at its stand.


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