Vincent has attended the CFDF (China Food and Drinks Fair) fair in Jinan to meet with the CARM importer and agree on new commercial and marketing strategies.

The visit to this fair, with conversations at stands and with colleagues at the hotel and fair events, also allowed us to observe and better understand the current general and specific trends of the wine market in China in the pandemic and the positioning of the wines that can be competition.









blankIt has been possible to compare this fair with previous equivalent fairs, this year and previous years. In general, there has been a strong reduction of exhibitors, very focused on reducing commercial costs. There has been a significant change in the origin of the exhibitors and the type of wines, with Australian wines being the most affected by this.

We will continue attending and participating in all the wine fairs of interest to our clients and we will continue observing the adaptation of brands and distributors to the new situation created by the coronavirus, to make the most of every option our clients may have.



A specific report of all this has been made for CARM.