Our Chinese customers are not only customers who import and sell the products of the companies we work with. They are also partners who support their suppliers and their employees when they need it.

One of the importers of several of the companies we work with, upon learning of the lack of masks from their Spanish suppliers, has donated and sent them boxes of protective masks.

During the first period of the Covid-19 crisis, it was extremely difficult to obtain means of protection against the virus. Workers in food factories, an essential sector, had to continue to go to the factories, with the risk of infection. Workers in companies exporting to China were also at risk.

This reached the ears of one of our importers. Not one of the big ones. A medium-sized importer from an area off the beaten track. He imports from several of the Spanish and Portuguese companies we work with. Él was already aware of the risk of working without face masks and had provided all his workers with them. Determined to help his European partners, he purchased and sent boxes of masks free of charge to his suppliers. He also sent them to the Tradeco teams.

The images show boxes of masks for Spain and Portugal, with the Chinese texts "Go Spain!" and "Go Portugal!".








We are very grateful to this importer, on our behalf and on behalf of our customer companies, for the solidarity shown in this difficult period.

Importers are not just customers, they are people. We all know this, even if it is sometimes forgotten. Cultivating these relationships is important. Out of respect, first and foremost. It is also essential to maintain smooth business relationships in the long term. When difficulties arise, both in the conduct of business and on occasions like this, collaboration beyond the terms of contracts makes all the difference.

A lesson in humanity.