The short history of the Delafruit project is a story of success, accompanied by tremendous growth. And their sales project in China was to be no different. They wanted the same momentum and growth in China as they had experienced so far in other markets. To achieve this, it was necessary to have a permanent structure in China. At Tradeco, we not only found the best possible partners, but we also accompanied and participated in the entire manufacturing process. From the definition and formulation of the product to ensuring that the final design and formats are correct. We have new challenges and even more ambitious objectives ahead of us.

Delafruit (formerly known as Go Fruselva), is a global food organisation based in Tarragona since 2007, specialised in the development and co-manufacturing of purees, smoothies and juices in pouch, bottle and glass formats, for private labels and distributors.

Delafruit works with its customers in the manufacture of its private label products, actively participating in the entire value chain of the final product: raw material sourcing, design, packaging, production and logistics.

The company has the most advanced food processing technologies that allow them to offer the highest quality service and products.