The mineral water market in China has always been a difficult market due to the strength of international brands that dominate the sector. We have the excellence of Vichy's water, its huge international experience and our constant commercial activity in China, which will allow us to detect many gaps where these big brands cannot reach. By bringing together several of these opportunities, in different areas and channels, we hope to create a market of interesting size and develop the brand in China.

Vichy Catalan Corporation is a large business group made up of 3 major companies: Premium Mix Group, Manantial de Salud and Hotel-Balneario Vichy Catalan.

After more than 135 years of history, they have maintained the same concern since the beginning: researching the beneficial qualities of their waters and continuing to innovate with the development of new healthy products to adapt them to the demands of consumers.

Its obsession with quality, its firm commitment to innovation and its proximity to consumers have made the Vichy Catalan Corporation brands market leaders.