Calidad Pascual came from a successful experience of many years in China, with a very good importer and good sales volumes. After a change in the importer's strategy, despite having a Chinese sales manager living in the country and very frequent trips by the Spanish team, sales fell sharply. This made them consider a new way of approaching the market that they usually do not consider for other markets.

In just a few months of collaboration as Calidad Pascual's sales office in the country, we can be proud to have changed our customer strategy, replacing the importer, diversifying and reaching agreements with several importers and direct distributors in different areas and channels in the country, managing prices and margins, developing the brand image and incorporating a new range of products. We will continue to progressively expand commercial agreements in new areas and channels to take advantage of all the potential that China has to offer.

Calidad Pascual is a company dedicated to the preparation and packaging of milk and dairy products, as well as other food products such as yoghurts, juices, soft drinks, liquid eggs, omelettes, mineral water and soya drinks. It is currently the third largest consumer brand of dairy products in Spain.

It is present in more than 60 countries with important alliances in the Philippines and China. As a leading brand, it assumes the responsibility of meeting the needs of its customers by taking care of their health and nutrition, providing wellbeing, social development and environmental protection.