Interal is the European leader in the private label sector for the soup and broth markets, both soluble and liquid. They have been exporting for 35 years to 35 countries on 4 continents. But even for a company like Interal it was difficult to enter the Chinese market in a stable way. Selling soups and broths in the country of soups par excellence, where in every home there is always a bowl of rice and a bowl of soup.

It was a challenge to convince Chinese consumers to use prepared soups and broths instead of homemade ones. We knew there was a market but it had to be developed. We used 2 of their brands to take better advantage of the opportunities and swept the market until we found several importers who were able to develop commercial and marketing actions that would boost the brands. And we reached agreements with them. The results are already visible. But it is the beginning of the road. We will continue to work to increase the sales of current importers, and to reach agreements with importers for other channels and areas. We are also exploring the options of importers and distributors interested in private label. There is still much to look forward to with Interal.

"Tradeco is our sales arm in China, an extension of our own team. Thanks to their market knowledge and professionalism, we have greatly shortened the phases of market research, company presentation, bid preparation and almost closed the first projects in a surprisingly short period of time. We hope to be able to continue this collaboration for many years to come and jointly generate a large volume of business.

Javier Eguren
Commercial Director

Interal develops, manufactures and packages broths, soups, condiments, sauces and other prepared foods in both liquid and dehydrated form under the most demanding international standards. It offers a complete range of products with recipes and formats adapted for the industrial, HORECA and domestic channels.

Interal is one of the benchmark companies in the world for distribution chains and large multinational food companies when it comes to developing projects under their brands. Its R&D department works both on adapting recipes to the tastes and needs of each market and on its own innovation projects.

Today Interal products are present in more than 35 countries on 4 continents.