Representing a brand of the size and importance of Joselito was, from the very first moment, a great responsibility.

It was always clear to us that we did not want to work with importers, however large they might be, for whom Joselito was just another product in their portfolio.

Joselito gave us all their support and the necessary time to find an importer for whom we could be proud to distribute their products. And with this objective in mind, after 3 trips to China with the Export Manager and the Property, we decided to close a deal with our current partner.

After several years of work, we can say that this decision was a success. China has become one of the main foreign markets for Joselito and our positioning there could not be better.

In addition to the agreement reached for distribution in the Horeca channel, we have added a new partner that allows us to have a strong presence in the luxury retail channel and an agreement for the presence and sale of Joselito in the online channel.

"The collaboration with Tradeco has been key to our entry and development of our business in China. The team's experience, in-depth knowledge of the market, the legislation and the good relationship with the distribution channels have been of great help over the years. Without a doubt, it would have been very difficult to get to where we are today without their support.

Jesús García
Export Director

Joselito is a gastronomic jewel acclaimed by the great geniuses of gastronomy and the most important critics. Present in the most prestigious restaurants and gourmet shops in 54 countries, Joselito is more than a brand, it is a legend.