After several months of commercial introduction and partner search, we made the final selection of candidates. At the end of a commercial trip to several Chinese cities, we received several proposals and we are currently in the process of negotiating with what we consider to be the ideal candidate to be our importer in China.

We are currently focused on helping the importer to meet its objectives and we continue to look for new direct sales channels where the importer is not reaching.

"Tradeco for Carmencita is a partner that has taken care to understand the commercial strategy of our brand and that works every day to find commercial partners in China that are aligned with this strategy".

Juanjo Morón
Export Director

Carmencita treats and packages all kinds of spices, any kind of aroma that is born to improve food and life. The foundation of Carmencita is not only to make quality products but also to be honest with the product and with the customer.
Carmencita represents the traditional flavour of our grandmothers' cuisine but it is also the image of the new Spanish gastronomy.