Calvo, with extensive export experience in 70 countries, had been selling in China for 8 years. He had a Chinese-speaking member of the export team living in the country to develop the brand and sales. In addition to this, members of the export team regularly travelled to China to promote the agreements.

Despite their efforts and professionalism, the lack of local tradition in canned fish consumption, and fierce price competition from Southeast Asian producers had prevented Calvo from expanding outside of one of China's areas.

The first collaboration agreement with Tradeco was to expand sales outside this area. After the promising results obtained in the first few months, an agreement was reached to also attend to this initial area, with the commitment to increase sales. Today, we continue to open new areas and distribution channels, increasing sales in established areas and developing the brand image.

Calvo Group is a global food company specialising in canned fish, offering a wide range of healthy and nutritious products to millions of people in more than 70 countries.

The Calvo brand has been characterised, throughout its more than 70 years of history, for being a brand of quality, trustworthy and close to consumers, making their daily lives easier. It is a brand with a nutritional conscience, the undisputed leader in the canned food market and a current benchmark among food brands.