From the moment Arruabarrena decided to work with Tradeco, we had the challenge of improving sales, which at that time already had two medium-sized importers. It took 3 prospecting trips and many adaptations to the way the product was packaged to be able to make the leap and manage to start working with the leading food import company in China at .

Seeing the success of the product, we decided to launch a second brand for which we have also managed to find a very high-level importer. With the help of these importers, we hope that China will become one of Arruabarrena's main markets worldwide.

All this would not have been possible without the absolute dedication and professionalism of Arruabarrena's entire team, which, from the outset, considered China as a priority market.

"Tradeco is the necessary partner for China".

Harriet Arruabarrena
Export Manager

Faithful to the tradition of craftsmen who, with care, time and fire, turned wheat into bread, J.A. Arruabarrena began in the 1960s in the world of pastry making, applying all his family's knowledge to it.

Today, Arruabarrena is highly specialised in the production of honey puff pastry, adapting the most advanced and modern production, shaping and baking techniques to the traditional formula handed down from previous generations.