Sumol+Compal is an outstanding soft drink company with extensive export experience. The challenge was to sell and position their fruit juice brands in the Chinese market. As competition we had, on the one hand, local and Southeast Asian products, some of good quality, very competitive price and flavors to the taste of Chinese consumers. On the other hand, international and Western brands, many already established in China, some belonging to large international groups, with a good image of quality and food safety and a price higher than those of Southeast Asia and similar to ours.

We opted for quality and the development of quality brands and medium and high level points of sale, diversifying geographical areas and distribution channels, including online. The work has been hard, with a lot of promotional and marketing activity. They are already selling in major areas such as Beijing and Shanghai, to others such as Chongking, and numerous other outlets. The largest volume is of the Compal, Um Bongo and B! brands for juices, and Compal for soft drinks.

“Tradeco is the perfect bridge between East and West; their understanding of both worlds, the diversification of their team and their know-how makes them the best partner for the Chinese market.”

António Plantier Saraiva
Business Developer Export Markets – Asia and Middle East

Sumol+Compal is a Portuguese beverage company, with a young spirit, originated in 1945, leader in Portugal in non-alcoholic beverages, expanded in the 5 continents and internationally recognized as a reference company. The quality and naturalness of its products, its innovation and differentiation, and its nutritional properties are part of its heritage.