After several years selling in China directly, we decided to collaborate to find the best candidates in the country. In less than a year, we have signed a distribution agreement with a company specializing in sales at convenience stores company and is agreed to develop with them more than 1,500 outlets in the first year.

For those formats and products not chosen by our leading importer, we are working with other importers. As a postscript to a thought and worked for months strategy, we have signed an agreement for online sales with the largest distributor of imported food in China.

“We consider TRADECO not only a trading partner, but as part of our company. They are our eyes and ears in the Chinese market, where it is not enough with a visit a year or just communications via the Internet. You must be physically present in such culturally different and as changeable as the Chinese market. Thanks to TRADECO, we can have such presence”.

Manuel Nicolás
Export Director

Fini is a story of dream and effort. With more than 40 years of expertise, is the largest Spanish manufacturer and distributor of sugar confectionery. Fini Sweets is the leading brand in Spain for gummies, marshmallows and licorice.