When we started the project with Bodegas Fariña, the company had already been operating in China for several years. It even had an importer with its own warehouse in China to facilitate local distribution, which was managed by a third party. In this new phase, Fariña has decided to take advantage of the good relations with the magnificent Portuguese winery CARM, to take advantage of synergies in the commercialization of its wines in China.

The Chinese wine market is extremely competitive and the rapid evolution of the market has given it its own characteristics. On the other hand, the profile of Fariña wines is more suitable for Chinese consumers with advanced knowledge of wine, not so much for those who are new to wine consumption. This means that the introduction of the brands has to be particularly selective. We have taken advantage of having a warehouse to make lower volume sales and have increased the number of customers who can place higher volume orders shipped directly from the winery. We are increasing sales and restructuring the way we reach customers and distributors.

“After several years of commercial experience in China, it was clear to us that in such a complex market we needed a partner with some essential characteristics: knowledge of the market, reliability, transparency, involvement and perseverance. Tradeco meets all of them. Walking with Tradeco in China makes the way easier and safer. We are delighted to have met this team of people.”

Laurence Colson
Export Director

Bodegas Fariña is recognized as one of the main architects of the development of the D.O. Toro. Its more than 300 hectares of vineyards allows it to have a comprehensive control of production to achieve the quality and uniqueness that characterizes its wines.

The third generation of a family passionate about its land, its character and its wines, has increased its commitment to internationalization, even establishing its own distribution warehouse in countries such as China.

It has a wide range of wines, with the marked personality of the area, and obtained from a great variety of grape types, making it an enormously attractive winery within the Spanish wine scene.