The wine market in China continues developing and has reached a level of competition and exclusivity that was not imagined a few years ago. It has marketing and distribution channels and a personality that requires a specific commercial team, different from the food, and a huge dedication.

For a small winery like Cillar de Silos, despite its enormous and proven quality, it became very difficult to enter China and reach volumes that compensated the effort of the approach and attention to a new market as demanding as this.

Our previous experience with similar characteristics wineries, with D.O. different, the extraordinary quality of its wines and the professionalism of the Cillar de Silos team, has allowed us to get agreements and sales in several areas of the country. Given the answer our customers and consumers we are expanding the marketing channels.

Cillar de Silos is a family winery created in 1994 and located in an area considered privileged within the D.O. Ribera del Duero. It has 68 hectares of vineyards between the ages of 12 and 100, located on hillsides and surrounded by forests. A situation that gives them their own characteristics. It has underground cellars of more than 300 years, with conditions of humidity and constant natural temperatures, ideal for the aging and rest of the wines. The search for old vineyards, the commitment to new technologies and the best barrels on the market are constant. This, together with the combination of experience, work and technique, allows to obtain unique wines.

The final result of the elaboration are wines in which elegance is the main characteristic, achieving “wines with a soul of the south and a spirit of the north”.