The wine market in China has developed enormously in recent years, becoming the largest consumer of red wine in the world. It is to be expected that the professionalism and knowledge of consumers and professionals will continue to increase.

Introducing a new brand in such a specialized market and with so much competition is a challenge. Even more so, considering that the wine sales channels are different from those we usually work with for other products.

This new project was proposed jointly with that of Bodegas Fariña, which had been selling in China for some years, which allowed us to take advantage of synergies between the two wineries.

The magnificent willingness of the CARM team to approach this market, together with the work methodology and commercial skills of the Tradeco team, have made it possible to find a niche for its products in specialized stores. Likewise, the relationships established with several importers will become new points of sale in different areas of the country.

“With China being such an important market, CARM trusts Tradeco to be its active partner in China; working as CARM would work, being key for us to better understand and meet market needs and expectations.”.

Felipe de Alburquerque Roboredo Madeira
Sales Director

Casa Agrícola Roboredo Madeira, CARM, is a Portuguese company, located in the Alto Douro of Portugal. As a wine and olive oil producer it was founded in 1997, but has been an important grape and olive producer since the end of the 17th century. Its wines have been vinified since 2004 in its modern winery, with the latest technology, which allows it to produce wines of the highest quality. Their vineyards are located at different altitudes and terrains and with different exposures, which allows them to produce a wide variety of wines.

Their wines are the result of their founder’s passion for his land, his respect for nature, a passion continued by his son; wines that smell and taste of their land, the shale, the stele, the flowers and fruits of the field, which they proudly want to share. Their respect for nature has led them to introduce an organic production method in almost all their vineyards. This same respect has led them to develop several wines without added sulfur, with a special vinification process. They currently sell their wines in 30 countries around the world.