Viability study

We analyze whether there might be any legal or other impediment that hinders the sale of the product. If everything is correct, we move forward.

Market analysis

Prior to start the commercial work, we visit hypermarkets and supermarkets, convenience stores, gourmet, … collecting information from the market and the competition: formats, pricing, packaging, labeling, promotions, etc..


We look for candidates from more than one geographical area to have greater sales opportunities and not overlapping markets

Presentation and tasting of products

An initial selection of importing companies. With the list of candidates we send a company dossier and organize the meetings in which the products are tested and a first orientation of price is given.

Sales trip

After the commercial work, we filter the best candidates based on their ability and interest. We show them how the distribution of the product works and what the competition is doing.

Reception and analysis of distribution proposals

At the end of the trip we ask the companies visited for a detailed proposal on the products they are interested in, estimated purchasing volumes and a general plan of promotion and introduction.

Negotiation and closure of agreements

After all proposals are analyzed, begins the second round of negotiations and adjustments to end up choosing the best candidates among all the options.

Achievements monitoring

In constant contact with Chinese customers, we drive the achievement of sales targets.

Detecting new opportunities

AThroughout the life of the contract, we detect new business opportunities in formats, ranges or channels not explored and available for allocation to new companies.