Salysol had been selling to different customers in China for years and, negotiations with new candidates were frequent. However, sales did not quite take off the ground. Tradeco had been looking for a company with nuts and snacks for a long time, with the long expiration dates and, sizes and formats required by the Chinese market.

We took over the Chinese market, excluding customers that Salysol had at that time. We visit and negotiate with importers and chains of large numbers of Chinese cities and have reached agreements with several of them, who have made the first orders. Others are in the negotiation process. We are in the process of opening distribution channels that until now could not be developed.

About Salysol

SALYSOL is a Sevillian company specialized in the production of nuts and candies for the Horeca channel and “food service”. It is recognized for the vacuum canning of its products and the sale in their own vending machines. Recently it has expanded its range with different material packagings. Through its more than 25 years history, SALYSOL has become a market leader, selling more than 35 million units a year.