Rialto came from a collaboration with a good importer in China for its range of croutons, which did not quite get the results that both sides expected. It is true that, in Chinese tradition, there is no habit of eating toast in any of its forms, nor even that of eating bread.

We started exploring all possibilities for their products and, after the first tests, we saw that flavored toast was the range that had more acceptance and development opportunities. We addressed importers and retail chains with products complementary to toasts, especially with target customers with more Western consumer habits. Also in food service. We have progressively expanded our efforts to more traditional areas and other products.

Currently we have reached agreements with several importers, in different areas and channels and we are in negotiation process with others.

“We were looking to expand and break walls to explore Chinese Market. With Tradeco these walls turned into brigdes which had been an objective for some time. An objective turned into an opportunity.”

Renata Gonçalves
Sales Director/p>

About Rialto

Much more than a name

Rialto, a Portuguese bakery company, was born with the purpose of providing unique moments and flavoring its consumers’ meals. In its early years Rialto produced bread, pastry and biscuits. Later, with the aim of responding to a market trend, he started making croutons, flavored toasts and breadcrumbs.

The focus in its day to day during these 25 years is to offer products with added value, quality and complement the meals of its consumers.

It has a range of diversified products with croutons, flavored toasts, breadcrumbs and snacks. Both with its own brand and with white labels, it exports 60% of its production to more than 25 countries.