When ICFC (Ice Cream Factory Comaker) decided to collaborate with Tradeco to be its commercial office in China, it had been trying for some time to enter the Chinese market without success. China is a big ice cream consumer, with tropical temperature zones. However, local manufacturers are very powerful and several large international brands have factories in the country, which greatly hinders the entry of new imported products. The growth of the private brand and the increase in the quality requirement of Chinese consumers encouraged us to the project.

It has been necessary to overcome the difficulties of sending ice cream samples, and the long developments that private label projects have in China, due to the characteristics of local companies. We have collaborated with multinational companies, with local chains and importers and we have very advanced developments.

About ICFC

Much more than a name

ICFC (Ice Cream Factory Comaker) is an international company specialized in the development, manufacture and marketing of ice cream with over 55 years of experience. The basis of your business is the private brand for distribution giants or other food brands such as Hero or Central Lechera Asturiana.

65% of its turnover comes from its international activity and its continuous adaptation to each market allows them to collaborate with more than 45 clients present in more than 19 countries, with a determined vocation of service and business excellence.

The ICFC team, with a deep knowledge of the ice cream sector, continually creates ice cream collections with its customers leading consumption trends in its sector and becoming a benchmark at European level.