F. Lima had China as one of its internationalization goals but lacked experience in Asia. After starting the collaboration with Tradeco, we studied the market for those brands and products that initially had more chances of success. We tested several products with importers and distributors. Finally, we decided to focus our efforts on one of the cosmetic brands that they market, because of their differentiated functional characteristics.

Reaching agreements with a suitable importer was not easy, since the products had not started the initial demanding process of registration required by cosmetic products in China. This is a great brake for most potential customers. After signing a contract with an interesting importer, we are directing the day to day registration process and the resolution of the various problems that arise. This registration will be completed shortly and we will begin with the first orders, which are already scheduled.

About F. Lima

Much more than a name

F. Lima is a Portuguese company over more than 100 years old, specialized in marketing and sales of brands, own and third parties, of Food, Hygiene, Home Care, Healthcare and dietetic products.

We work with all main Portuguese retail companies and some international clients.